A Day In My Office Wear 9: How To Wear Black And White To Work

October 18, 2017

It is said that how you dress can determine if people take you serious or not. One should take pride in how they present themselves to the world. I take pride in my office wear because I have seen how when one is dressed in accordance to their profession, people relate and find it easy to pay attention to you when your presence just commands it.
Dressing for one’s profession should be an easy task right? Well wrong. This is an art. Yes art because you cannot simply take anything, pair it together and assume you are good to go. You have to do it tastefully. People believe that just wearing a shirt/blouse and a complementary bottom or dress is good enough. That is half the job! You still need to ensure that you are well groomed and your hair or turban is neat; your skin is nice and fresh which can be done by simply taking a shower and moisturizing afterwards. Do not forget to wear some deodorant and fragrance(perfume). We all know that as working beings who are constantly on the move, we tend to sweat throughout the day. So you would not want to be the first one to let everyone know that you are no longer feeling fresh.
To be quiet honest, what motivates me to make an effort and try to look presentable is getting compliments on my style. It has worked wonders because I try to uphold the standard I have already set. It pushes me to do better. Because in my mind, there is an expectation raised, automatically I am competing with my previous day’s look. I never compete with anyone else, but I try to be at par with my peers. I find that somehow it creates a standard that as a team we try to keep to.
On to today’s look, I went for a simple black and white ensemble. I like that it is crisp and clean. Meaning that it gives an illusion of a high end or high priced outfit; which could not be further from that. The blouse I bought for R100 or less, the skirt I got on sale for around R315 excluding custom charges; then the shoes where R399, belt was R49 and the bag is old. For a little over R800, I have an outfit that whenever I put it on I can walk with confidence trusting that it is decent. So with that said, let’s put more effort in how we dress.
Outfit Details
Shirt/Blouse: Mr Price
Skirt: New Look via Asos
Shoes: Zara
Belt: Mr Price
Watch: Fossil via American Swiss
Bag: Studio.W
Lipstick: Ruby Woo by Mac
In case you have not noticed, this is the same base outfit I wore on this post here that was inspired by an editorial post for Accessorize; except for the shoes and bag. A change in accessories can turn almost any outfit into something different and hopefully special.

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