Am I Always Running To Stores To Buy My Next Outfit To Blog About?

October 28, 2017

It has become very easy to walk into a store and spend money especially when fast fashion has become so accessible and most importantly affordable. Every time I hear people close to me say “I wish to see the size of your wardrobe”, “where do you store all these clothes”, “do you buy clothes just for blogging”. It makes me wonder if that is what I am actually doing. Makes me wonder if I am giving people the perception that me blogging simply means I am constantly running to the stores just for my next outfit to blog about?
Well let me tell you something; that could not be any farther from the truth. I buy what I need for more than just blogging. If you have been following and actually reading my blog posts, you would recall that I always mention that I got some of the pieces I wore in the posts months if not years ago, and some of them are even second hand items. But that again does not mean that I hardly buy anything new or that my entire wardrobe is eons old. It simply means that I do not buy clothes just to blog about. I buy clothes to update my wardrobe, replace old and ragged clothes that any person in their rightful mind and are in need of would do.
Herewith are 3 reasons how I got it right when building a long standing wardrobe:
  • I buy less trendy items and more classic pieces. I go for items that I know season in season out I will be able to rock them and make them look “trendy”.
  • I buy more new neutral and solid coloured items because it is easy to pair them with any other colour and print.
  • I also balance quality over quantity. There was a time when I used to buy a lot “quantity” of items than I needed because I thought having more was the way to go. This often resulted in my wardrobe being filled with more of poor quality items than desired. If you did not know, often “vintage” items that I thrift, the quality is way better than most of the stuff we are sold in the fast fashion stores. Comparing the two is a fail as fast fashion always falls short.
  • I buy more of what I need than just fast fashion. 
  • Sometimes paying more is better than paying less because as we all know, you get what you pay for. I have learnt the hard way hence for my quality items, I go for brands like Country Road, Witchery, Conscious collection from H&M because they are made well. One can also argue that because you know you paid an arm and a leg for the item, you tend to care better for the garment. Well I give my clothes the same attention and care, be it expensive or not. I believe if you bought a great item regardless of price, you will wear it more and eventually the cost per wear will make the item worth the purchase.

On to today’s look, I have featured the shirt, skirt and bag in other looks before, which can be seen here, here and here just to reference a few posts. The reason why I did not reference any post of the shoes is because they are a latest purchase I bought as a gift from dear hubby to replace a similar pair I had for 5 years. So do I buy clothes just for blogging, absolutely NOT. I shop my own wardrobe for to create most of my looks.

Outfit Details
Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Zara
Hat: Mr Price
Belt: Mr Price
Watch: Fossil via American Swiss
Bag: Studio.W
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