New In My Wardrobe: Spring and Summer

October 16, 2017

Over the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing and affordable brands which I had been eyeing for some time prior to the opportunities. I am sure that you have seen "collaboration" in a couple of my posts which signifies that the post was a collaboration between sindisosdiary and those brands. With that said, I had the opportunity of picking a couple of pieces that I am happy to wear and share with sindisosdiary's followers. 
3. Blush V-Neck Dress
So today’s post is a preview of some of the new items I bought in recent weeks, be it with my own money or with vouchers I received from the "collaborations". These pieces have provided the much needed boost to spruce up my wardrobe. Some of you may already know that I have cut down on my shopping sprees but every once in a while I like to update or purchase items I know for sure I really need and have contemplated on for at least a month. Instead of just buying fast fashion, I go for items that can take me from one year to the next; or one season to the next with ease.
6. Jacquard Knit Jacket
Red is deemed to be thee colour of the season. Seeing that I wear a blazer at least once a week to the office, I opted for a red blazer to add that pop of colour to any outfit I may choose to wear. This was a conscious decision I took as I do not need a million red clothing pieces to be relevant. They said red was thee colour and I say green is my colour. I bought 2 green bags; one is this crossbody featured in this post and another is a tote that will hopefully make an appearance on the blog in the coming months.
Lastly, I added prints like stripes, snakeskin and polka dots which are just timeless. They are statement and always command attention when worn right. I hope these have given you an idea on how you can also update your wardrobe with trend-led pieces in classic styles and are definitely affordable. By the way, I have provided links to where you can buy these pieces or the colour options that come with these.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed this post as always. Remember to share and comment below what your favourite items are from this list; and what have you added to your wardrobe/will be purchasing in the coming weeks. Mwah for now.

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