Life Update And How I Wore My High Low Refinery Skirt

November 17, 2017

Hello there, I have missed you and this space so much. For the past couple of days I have been exhausted and feeling a little under the weather. I was off work for a few days but that did not make any difference. It all started on Wednesday around midday when I started feeling hot and cold all at the same time. After the day’s activities, I just tugged myself into bed and dozed off. Sadly that peaceful sleep lasted only a few hours. I woke up just before midnight feeling hot and drenched in sweat. The air conditioning was on but it made no difference. 
It dawned on me that I must be coming up with a fever or something along those lines. And indeed it was one mean fever that was about to hit me like a hurricane. As I put this post together, I am in bed sick and can barely stand for 10 minutes without feeling like the whole world is on top of my head. I have not been able to stomach anything except bananas hence I am a little weak. Taking medication on an almost empty stomach has not helped the situation. This was meant to be a happy and cheerful post but I feel I needed to share this reality of why I have been a little absent or not responding to messages.
I am feeling much better than a few days ago, all thanks to my loving family who have been caring and tending to my every need. Even though I still have an annoying cough and a migraine which is making my head 10x heavier than it actually is, I am much better. By the way, have you watched this movie called Me Before You? What a movie I must say! It was playing on MSmile HD and I recommend you watch it if you have not yet. It is recommended you also have a box of tissues nearby, because you will be crying tears of joy and sorrow at the same time.
Before I share about today’s look, let me first say that I got my first feature by a big retail giant in South Africa on Instagram featuring this look, see it here. Waking up to a notification that I have been tagged on their Instagram account just warmed my heart and gave me the motivation to write a post. Onto today’s look; I wore this asymmetrical high low skirt I got from Refinery about a year back on sale. I love shopping and when I shop sale items, I find inner peace. I paired it with these shoes from Jet that have been worn quite a bit these last few weeks. I like that they do not cover the entire foot yet still offer the right support. 
Off course I had to wear my trusted black belt. I have been looking at investing in a decent belt post realizing how much I have been wearing this one from Mr. Price. I bought it for like R50 or so and it has surpassed its expected cost per wear. It just goes to show that one does not have to spend an arm and a leg to look decent. To finish the look, I wore my black shirt and crossbody bag from Woolworths; which I am sure you have seen on the blog before 😇😇. 
Outfit Details
Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Refinery
Shoes: Jet Store
Belt: Mr Price
Watch: Fossil via American Swiss
Bag: Woolworths

Thanks for stopping by as always, I hope you have enjoyed the post. By the way how are you guys doing? I do not think I have ever checked how you are doing before.

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