Taking A Stab At Pink And Red Outfit

November 22, 2017

Red and Pink; a colour combination I have been dying to try for some time now but just did not have the right items to pair together.  When I added this blazer to my wardrobe, the first thing that came to mind was to bring this colour combination to life. Seeing that red is the colour of choice in 2017, I have been collecting a couple of red items so fit in with the cool kids; talk of peer pressure. 
Just like any other colour combination, it has to be done in a delicate manner because you want to make sure that the look is easy on the eye than for it to seem like the outfit was just an after thought. On to the look, I paired my birthday shoes with the pink dress that I have had for years. Seeing that I am not much of a jewelry wearer, I do however feel like a statement neck piece would have added to the look. Simple as the look is on these pictures, I still love it. I am almost certain that by now you already know what my style is. Conservative yet not too outdated 🙊 ! 
Outfit Details
Dress: Fashion World
Blazer: Superbalist
Shoes: Zara
Watch: American Swiss
Bag: David Jones
By the way, seeing that the festive season is upon us, how will you be celebrating this joyous time? 

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