The Storer - A Must Visit

November 01, 2017

Last week I was invited to the official opening event of The Storer. A brand that is founded on bringing the best from around the world to South Africans; I quote “The Storer, a mystical traveler, who scours the globe collecting objects of interest and beauty. That line was taken from their website and it sums it all up perfectly. The store is basically a quaint little space full of wonder and surprise. It has something to offer with prices that range from R100 to R100 000 figuratively yet close enough.
This mystical oasis can be found in an office park in Fourways. At first I thought maybe the launch party was there but the store is probably in a mall somewhere. Only to find that the office park was the home and business space for the store. Needless to say you will not be disappointed. The way they had setup the store, it was as if you were walking into a bachelor pad which you would be happy to move into. The store is basically a collector’s haven. It is full of unique pieces that I definitely need to complete my home. 

"Our possessions, that which we gather throughout our lives, become reflections of who we are, how we live and the choices we make. 

Through the awakening of the tribe and the crafts of old, we intend to re-establish an era where the small community store reigned supreme".

What impressed me the most is the workmanship that went into bringing those pieces to life. I also love that most if not all of the items in store are handmade. Made from some of the finest of materials like this white dress, which is made of 100% cotton imported from India; and it also comes in black too if white is not your thing. I loved the dress so much that I wanted to get it on the spot. The only thing that deterred me was the size range. The clothes are tailored for small to medium (XS – L) built person. Meaning big boned or curvy ladies like me will find it hard to fit into anything. For that I would not recommend someone my size to go there for something to wear. If I were to recommend anything to this brand to work on; I would say they must look into extending the size range to at least a 2XL. Otherwise I love the concept and their offering in its entirety.

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I am just sharing what could be the best kept secret with you FAM. Thanks for stopping by as always. Please do tell what you liked or would consider purchasing from looking at the pictures.



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