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November 14, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner; malls and shopping centres are being decorated to lure us to spend our hard earned cash 😉😉. Because we are also made to appreciate beautiful things, we cannot help it. Often than not we fall into temptation; oh so help us God this season! In preparation for the Christmas gift guides, I have been scouting the shops to see what is trending in the fashion department especially the bag category as this is the first post of the wish-list series I will be doing leading to xmas.
I noticed when making the rounds that there was a lot of faux fur, embroidered and pearl embellished bags that came in round/oval/square/rectangular shaped styles. Generally I am a tote type of girl however, I have been loving smaller and dainty bags. So I am hope my fairy godmother is taking note and paying serious attention on what sort of a gift they can get me should that be a bag. And I hope and pray that they do not pick the oval embroidered bag because I already own it in the nude colour 😊. 

Thanks for stopping by as always. I hope there is at least 1 bag that has caught your eye for these picks. Mwah for now and have a blessed festive season.

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