Winter Coats I Did Not Know I Needed Until Now

January 24, 2018

Bonjour wonderful people! Today you are reading this post which just went up on my second day in Paris. I am sooo excited as I am on my first European trip with my dear one. He surprised me one day  late last year and said “for years you always said you want to go to Rome (Italy) you can finally plan one”. Initially we planned this holiday for early December but due to other family commitments we had to attend to, it could not be done. Now we are here, at our first stop - Paris, France. Next is Rome, Italy. I cannot wait to share the new content with you!
This post is all about coats that I definitely need during my holiday. It is rainy and cold but not too unbearable. So for me to be able to enjoy this trip to the fullest, I have to be nice and toasty. Herewith is a nice selection that I am looking at, from teddy coat to trench coat. I hope you like these picks. Do note that they come in a multitude of colours. You can easily find these from your local retail stores or designer brands (for those with big budgets 😃). 
Thanks for stopping by, I am definitely going to be nice and warm with these picks. See you soon wonderful people. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Cheers for now 

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