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March 15, 2018

Autumn is upon us and I cannot help it but get so excited about the dawn of this season. It is said that everyday is an opportunity to start over so why not maximize and make the most of what the season (day) has to offer. I see it as an opportunity to shed the toxic and dead weight we tend to carry around, to fix what we must, let go of unnecessary friendships and opportunities etc. I am extra pumped because my photographer will be coming into town this month and gosh I have so much planned and just waiting to manifest it to life. 

One of the reasons why I have not been posting as much as I initially planned is because I have not been excited or loving the material that I have in stock. It is not speaking to the direction I would like to take this blog. I benchmark my content against my previous work and if it does not beat or at least match the previous work then I am doing something wrong and I should have not put it forth. I know most of you have been asking if all is well, if I am still going to continue blogging etc. The short answer is YES. I am not going anywhere, sindisosdiary is here to stay 😊. Today I am introducing a new series where I will be summarizing what I have been up to and what gets me going. I have seen it from some of my favourite bloggers like thisisess, Simplysiro and I believe (though stand to be corrected) the original curator of this series is Meet me at Mikes' Pip Lincolne. It has about 50 topics one can share on. Here is one of her previous post to reference. I also picked what resonated with what I would like to share and added new ones too.
Plans about my future and where I would like to be in the next 5 years. I think I am at a place where career growth is inevitable; only in God's time though.
Indifferent about my current job position 
A lot about my purpose in life
Cooking / Eating
A lot of Indian inspired food. I love spicy food especially if it has that kick.
Lots of water at least 2.5 litres everyday. I am also starting to introduce some green tea into my weekly drinks as I am not much of a tea/coffee and the likes type of person.
Alan Kraft's Good news for those trying harder. This book is about one's spiritual journey and relationship with God.
Lots of Trap music. There is 2 songs that have been in rotation for a week now and that is Cassper Nyovest ft Davido - Check on you and Post Malone ft 21 Savage - Rockstar
A lot of home improvement and conservative style fashion bloggers
Tech related blog content on YouTube. I am definitely considering starting a channel to compliment my blog content. I find that it is easy to explain things on a video.
A lot of white coloured items. For a very long time I wanted a white skirt but now surprisingly so I own 3 😉. Two are A-Line/Circle skirt but one has a paper bag waist whilst the last one is a pencil skirt.
To upgrade my photography and computer equipment. I have had my laptop for 6 years and my camera kit could do with a couple of lenses especially a wide-angle lens.
I had the ability to see into the future so that I can make the right life and lifestyle choices now
For a photographer I can use when my brother is not available. He has been with me from the begining of my blogging journey thus far. We are currently at least 600km apart where I cannot easily go to him to or for him to come over just for taking my pictures
Toon Blast. OMG this game is so addictive that I was supposed to run my errands on one Saturday and I wasted the entire day on that game. It is so not good for me because I end up not utilising the limited time I have effectively.
At good piece of writing. I don't know how I can explain it but it just gets me so motivated to want to read more.
For the gift of life. Everything that is in it is just a bonus for me
Outfit Details
Dress: Mr Price
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Tempo American Swiss
Bag: JHB Downtown
Lipstick: Wet n Wild Smokin' Hot Pink E905D
Thanks for stopping by as always. See you soon!

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