What To Look For When Searching For A Holiday Home

April 09, 2018

I would like to believe that I am an avid traveller, be it locally or internationally. Whenever an opportunity presents “itself” to go somewhere, my first choice of accommodation is a self-catering unit. That is holiday home in a form of an apartment, chalets, lodges etc. One of the sites or companies I use for my ideal holiday home is SafariNow. I have been using the site for years and I am still to be disappointed. However this site shows you accommodation options within South Africa and some neighboring countries. I recently went on my first European holiday and for that I used Airbnb and Expedia. Reason being that I found that it gave me the desired options based on the areas and the price point I was looking at.
Herewith are some of the few things to do when planning a holiday
·         Figure out the Type of Holiday. Is it a relaxing or exploration type of holiday? I find that deciding on the type of holiday I want to go to helps to narrow down the type of accommodation to look for. If you will be spending a lot of time outside the holiday home/hotel, then it is best not to go for something too expensive. It must just be good enough to fit the purposes as you will only be using it for sleeping and freshening up.
·         The Location. When planning a holiday, one has to decide on a location and then the rest just fall into place. I frequent Mpumalanga a lot for holidays because I find that it far enough from the hustle and bustle of city life and the perfect place for a nice relaxation time. We work so hard throughout the year and it is only befitting that we also schedule in some time to unwind and reflect.  So with the type of holiday and a location in mind, then you basically have enough to start the search. Mpumalanga is perfect for some solitude and serene moments.
·         The style of the home. I am someone who gets drawn to modern, minimalist and aesthetically appealing places. Basically simple and clean with lots of white finishes. I find that houses with simple and clean finishes tend make one feel calm and relaxed. Let me say that white finishes mean that it is also easy to see if the place needs to be cleaned etc. I also find that forces you to keep everything in its original place. You will always look forward to making the bed because in your mind, white is associated with cleanliness and orderliness.

·         Access to amenities, transport and restaurants. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where getting around to restaurants, shops etc is a pain. I always check and double check that everything I am going to need is within reach. Also look at what is offered at the premises of the holiday home because there may not be a need to go outside for your need. 
·         Lastly, the cost. You do not want to find your perfect holiday home only for it to be way out of your price point. It just makes the exercise of finding the home worthless. Luckily most of the sites have a minimum and maximum price bar which you can use to ensure that whatever searches come up will be within your budget. Also it will give you the option to see if indeed the home is worth the price. Some of these sites really try it with their pricing. 

Thanks for stopping by as always and I hope you have enjoyed this post too. Do share your tips on how or what you do when looking for a holiday home. 
Note: All the pictures are my own from our holiday home in Sitges, Barcelona Spain except for the last bedroom shot which I got off pinterest. I lost some of my photos and this post would not have been complete without a bedroom shot. It was also close enough to the room we had.

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