Building A Realistic Corporate Wear Shoe Collection

May 27, 2018

There is nothing that says “HELLO WORLD” like a woman walking with her best foot forward, Literally! I pride myself with the way I present myself to the world because I know that when I walk into a room, people are bound to look; be it for the entire outfit or the Shoes. I would like to believe that I am a modest and conservative dresser, but that does not mean that I dress like I am someone’s granny. I just like to look decent and "sexy" without putting my insides out.
1. Round Heel Patented Leather Shoes: ZARA
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there is anything wrong with choosing the latter as the dress code nor stopping another from wearing close to nothing; because style and presentation is what adds to ones character and uniqueness. Not to deviate too much from what this post is about, I am one for encouraging others to find their style and bring their best qualities to the fore through that. Hmm maybe this can be a post for another day. Let me know if you would like to know more about modest dressing etc.
2.  Brown Leather Upper Heels : Woolwoths
In today’s post, I am sharing about how I managed to build a shoe collection which I stand behind with confidence; season in and season out. We all know that the corporate world has a specific way of dressing. Often they encourage formal way of dressing, where most if not all are expected to adhere to. That means that your shoe should also fit in that category too. Luckily as trends come and go, they also bring with a new cut, material or design that challenges the status quo. 

3. Utopia Animal Print Shoes : Zando 
4. Red Faux Suede Heels: H&M
5. Patterned Pointy Toe Shoe: ZARA
6. Nude Heels: Woolworths
Herewith is a few things I considered when building a realistic corporate shoe collection:      

  • The work environment: Knowing the environment I am working in and the line of work influenced or almost dictated the style of shoe I had to invest in. An environment that is formal in its nature makes you tow the line without saying much. It can be a good and bad thing at times but for me, I would rather fit in (within reasonable measure) than stand out for all the wrong reasons.  
  • The amount of time spent walking vs sitting down: It is imperative that one aligns their day to day activities with the choice of footwear. Though I do walk a fair amount, it is definitely not as much as the time spent sitting down. Reason I choose mostly 3 quarter block heels is that I often have to walk between buildings for meetings. With a campus like ours, you have to be certain that should the heel get stuck in the pavement, that you will not break your leg in the process.
  • How flexible and forgiving is the shoe when I have to go out: Often than not, when I have to go out or rush to the shops after work; that means I hardly have time to go home and change into something else. So I opt for shoes that can transition into the next activity I have to participate in.
  • Classic cut/style over trendy: Every once in a while we see trendy shoes that challenge the norm in terms of what to wear to work but not many are fit for a dictatorial environment. They definitely do make for a bold and daring choice of footwear; hence should you choose to go with that, then make sure that rest of the outfit is subdued and classic. As for me, I go for classic and comfort over anything.
  • Quality vs quantity: This may be a controversial one but it is always advisable to go for quality over quantity. Obviously that is relative to ones pocket. Not everyone can afford a CountryRoad, Aldo or Steve Madden pair of shoes. But certainly most can afford a Mr Price, ZARA, Jet Store and Studio.W shoes for example. I have a good mix of both high street and premium high but not luxury as that is out of the budget for now. So what I am saying is, there are always decent quality shoes in all price ranges. Don’t always go for quantity because you want to have more, but rather aim for quality and supplement it with a few affordable options. I have shoes I have been wearing for at least 3 years and they still look brand new because the quality was not sub-par.
  • Lastly the weather: It may surprise you that I said weather. But yes, weather does play a part in the type of shoe to consider. South Africa is hot or even humid at least 8 months in a year. Buying only closed toe and back shoe is not really practical. You will be sweating; and we all know what is to come after that, stinky feet which we do not want. An open toe or back will let the air flow to the necessary bits. Also nowadays there is no rule that says you cannot wear colour or patterned shoes anymore. I can promise you that during the summer months, you will find me in fuchsia pink or even a bright yellow shoe for as long as it works with my outfit, I am good to go.
7. Fuchsia Pink Kitten Heels: Mr Price
8. Faux Velvet Block Open Back Heels: Mr Price
9. Utopia Mustard Open Back Heels: Zando
I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it; and that it was helpful to you. Do let me know what your shoe style is and your views around high street store shoes and quality.

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