Cosy Winter Outfit For Work

July 24, 2018

It still takes me by surprise everytime we are in Winter and the other side of the world is in Summer. This year I had the opportunity to travel in our Summer and visit Europe in Winter; leave again during our Winter to get to Europe in its heart of Summer. Something I must say I was not prepared for was the European heat wave. We always think that Summer in Europe is like 20 degrees Celsius but it could not be farther from that. It was 35, 38 and at one point 40 degrees in Crete, Greece. I have always thought Limpopo’s summer is the worst in the world but good people, it is only normal and in line with other parts of the world. I am no longer going to complain but appreciate it for what it is. 

This year, I had it all planned out in terms of putting out more blog posts but it has been a struggle without a photographer who can work with me based on my schedule. To be honest, I always felt comfortable working with my brother because he knows me well. Now I have to get out of my comfort zone and look for a photographer as we are now miles apart and it is near impossible to align our schedules. I have however received some contacts that I will be exploring for the upcoming months, so be on the lookout for that.
On to today’s post, I centred my outfit on this scarf which I got earlier on in the year when I was in Paris. It was on sale for only 4 Euros and I could not pass it. The colours fit so well with my current wardrobe and colour scheme. I am a brown, blue, grey and black kind of girl. Hence anything with the colour combination warms my heart. For the black stripe, I picked black shoes, beret and bag to go with it. For something brown, I went for this cosy coat I thrifted from Coat corner / Overcoat and got it for only R250. For something grey, I went for this skirt which was a hit a year or 2 ago from Mr Price. I must say I have it in Grey Gingham and Black and White Gingham which can be seen here and here
Outfit Details
Shirt/Blouse: Woolworths
Skirt: Mr Price
Shoes: Mr Price
Belt: Woolworths (Men's section)
Coat: Coat Corner or sometimes known as Overcoat
Scarf: H&M
Beret: Lambert
Bag: Superbalist

Lipstick: Rebel Mac
I am of the opinion that we need not spend an arm and a leg to look put together. It is all about finding pieces that compliment your current style and wardrobe with a good enough quality and take it from there. I am testament of that. Also do not be afraid to thrift because often the quality is much better than what you can find in fast fashion stores. I hope you enjoyed this post. Do share what your current weather is like and what has been the best thing about it this year. 

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