How To Maximize Your Time When On A Layover In Dubai

July 30, 2018

I can almost guarantee that most of us use/have used Emirates when traveling further than our continents before. However if you are a first time traveler with the airline, it is imperative to note that at some point on your journey; you will be landing in Dubai to change or connect to your next flight. It is one of the busiest and biggest airports in the world. It offers 24 hour shopping experiences (should you need to splurge on some duty free items), has a hotel (should you need somewhere private to relax) and much much more. Basically, it is a must see. May I also add there is always cheap flights to Dubai if you just want to explore the City! 
Dubai airport is a central hub that pulls together people from all walks of life. With an airline like Emirates which has a fleet complement of at least 255 that flies to 143 destinations, you can expect a buzzing and lively atmosphere. May I also add that the humidity and heat is also something you will never get used to no matter how many times you have been there or time of the day. Back to the travel eperience, you must expect some sort of layover time between your flights. Layovers can run anywhere from 2 hours to over 24 hours. So what can you do when you have at least 4 hours until your next flight?
Herewith are 3 things that I think everyone can do to maximize the layover time. Layover is time between when your current flight lands in Dubai to when you have to board your next flight. I encourage you to check the layover time so that you can plan your itinerary whilst in transit. 
1. Explore Dubai City from the top. There is a handful of VISA options in general that a person can apply for in most countries and the UAE - Dubai is no exception. Should you have at least 8 hours, I encourage you get a transit VISA and visit the Burj Khalifa skyscrapper building. You will be able to see the city and its outline.

2. Shops and Restaurants. Dubai is one airport I have seen thus far which has stores like Zara to Chanel. It caters for luxury to high street store lovers. You can also go to the city center and its outskirt for "affordable" designer pieces. I have not been to the outskirts myself but I would love to especially if I can get AAA Grade quality designer inspired items. Need I say that I had my first shake shack meal at the Dubai airport. Now I look forward to many more meals from the fast food restaurant. I personally love the fact that they do not sell any pork and by products.

3. Converse with others. I know it may not be part of everyone's mantra but I have learnt so much more about life in general and travel experiences from strangers than from mere reading and/or from family and friends. I have also developed a friendship with another blogger from Russia whom I would love to visit at some point in my life through talking to them at the airport. I was also told stories and interesting life lessons by one old man traveling back to Vienna whom I will never forget. I had kids run to me due to curiosity I presume and suddenly me and their moms where laughing and chatting as if we are long lost friends. And all of this does not cost a cent. Just you being your friendly and welcoming self is good enough. 

Thanks for stopping by as always. I hope you found this post helpful. Leave your comments sharing how you have found Dubai to be or what you are looking forward to doing in Dubai should it be part of your bucket list. Mwah for now. 

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