Happy Women's Day 2018

August 09, 2018

First, happy and blessed women's day to you pioneers; thee homemakers, sisters, daughters, and wives. Today is our day and it feels good to say that. I think it is the one day that we are made to feel special than any other day. I know it should be a norm but it is hardly the case for many. I must say that I felt compelled to write this post after a friend shared a powerful message in a 1 minute and 41 seconds video. The message in it really hit home. It resonated with me personally because not only did it touch the many facets of what makes me the woman that I am today and the woman I am working towards; it also reminded me that I have a duty towards other women. I have a duty to not only uplift but also support, encourage and remind them that they are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are a special wonderful woman, never doubt that!
Most or some of us are going through life-changing situations. Where you do not know if you are good enough wherever you are; be it work or relationship(s). Where you do not know that thing you are praying for every day will ever come to pass especially when you are often tormented and judged because God has not said YES yet. The other day during lunch, a friend mentioned something that we often take for granted. And that is to tell those around us that we love and care for (and about) them. 
Society has always taught us that women need to have it together all the time. They cannot make mistakes, they should endure everything and not complain, they should pray for their loved ones and always put others before themselves. All these add to what makes us women and special. We also need the same. How many of us are losing ourselves and identities whilst being superwomen? Personally I have forgotten how to be just me. I feel like I am running a race against time and I am not in par with my peers. I know on the outside I may seem like I have it together but I do not. I have the same struggles and fears like any other being. I do need assurance and to be reminded that I am doing enough, I am good enough, I am special enough. Gosh I know months and years from now, I will read this post and wonder if being vulnerable on the internet was a great idea. But today it feels right and that is all that matters to me.
In closing, let's build a community of powerful strong women that are there for each other. Women who are for other women; women who are cheerleaders and supporters of other women. Women who share in sorrows and pain of others; I am talking of prayer warriors. Let us put judgement, disrespect, dissing and demoralizing other women at bay. It is only us who can define the new woman of stature, grace and humility. Who is with me? Cheers for now!

These images are from the talented artist Miss Peniel Enchill. You can see more of her beautiful work on her Instagram page here. They are her/ company's intellectual property which was solely used for this post and the message shared. Do leave your comments dedicated to the special women in your lives.

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