My 2018 Product Of The Year Perfume Atomizer

August 05, 2018

I know we are only in the 8th month of the year yet I am already proclaiming this tool product of the year. Well it is as not only did it transform my life, it is practical and does not take a lot of space in my bag which is a plus. Meaning I can accommodate all my other womanly things in my bag. The product in question is called a perfume atomizer. 
What is a perfume atomizer? Perfume atomizer is a tool used to carry perfume on a small quantity scale which you can use to freshen up and spray it onto your body as and when you need to. It can be used by anyone from men to women, athletes to corporate career people. It was about 2 months ago when a colleague came to me selling these perfume atomizers. At first I was a little skeptical if this is not going to be one of those products that would leak everywhere or worse make my perfume evaporate into thin air whilst still in the atomizer. I have to say that it has been a life and game changer. It is a compact bottle which can fit into any type of bag, from a wallet to clutch to a tote bag. It allows you to carry enough perfume to last a good number of days if not weeks.
I love that the nozzle sprays a good amount of product without wasting any product from drooping or leaking(unless you got a faulty atomizer). I highly recommend it to both men and women alike who like to smell good all day long. It is ideal for a quick 5 minute freshen up session when during a hectic day and you cannot or do not have enough time for a proper pamper.

Steps how to fill/refill the atomizer bottle
1. Remove the nozzle of your perfume
2. Place the bottom of the atomizer bottle on the tube on your perfume

3. Press the bottom against the perfume and you will notice some liquid going into the atomizer. Continue doing until the bottle fills to your satisfaction

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you have tried or are currently using a perfume atomizer, what do like about it. I have two perfume atomizers I am giving away on my Instagram - sindisosdiary account. To enter, be sure you follow me on me there and leave me a comment under any of the posts with the perfume atomizer and let me know if would like to win one. Unfortunately this particular giveaway is open to people residing in South Africa.

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