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September 04, 2018

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About 10 years ago I watched the bucket list starring Morgan Freeman. From then onwards I decided to put together my own bucket list of things, items, experiences and memories I would like to achieve or attain before God decides my journey on earth has come to an end. As the years go by I realize that there is more to life than just being here. You need to not only be present but to live too. Live for yourself and not just for others.

As women we are taught and expected to give more of ourselves to others without receiving or even taking some of that giving to yourself. It is not necessarily a bad thing because we are the ones that carry most of our families to happiness, balance and to just being wholesome. This post seems to be taking me by emotions than I had planned to. It was supposed to be just about my bucket list but I feel like sharing a little bit of my thought process and where I am at today.
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Back to the post. My bucket list is going to comprise of things I have the power to control, to change and to bring to life. There are other things that only God can bring to being so those I will leave them entirely to his hands. 

1. Being Debt Free: I started this journey about 2 years back but to be quite honest I started making serious stride in July 2017. It has not been easy but it is something that I know in the long run would make everything worthwhile and easy to manage. This is a journey of a number of years and I am well on my way.

2. Up-skill Academically: It has been over 8 years since I enrolled at a traditional academic institution. As I see myself growing in my career, part of that is to have the academic backing that many still believe is what solidifies your role in corporate. Seeing my peers with similar lifestyles doing great things and going places in their careers motivates me to stop with the excuses and take action towards my aspirations.

3. Travel: I have always been an avid traveler and to date that has not changed. Instead it has awakened a new longing in me to visit more places and countries that are off the beaten track. I have a number and I mean a serious number of countries that I am still to visit and explore. Hence I have a plan seeing that it is not possible at this stage to just be a travel blogger, to just up and leave because I not only have a family but debt that I need to take care off.

4. Be A Property Owner: In line with being debt free I would also like to be at a point where I can afford my dream houses. I would love to have a holiday home overlooking the sea on a hill somewhere in the Cape. However that is secondary to building or buying a house where my family can call home. Not home because we sleep there but a home that we can grow as a family and for the kids to know that they can always run to when they just need a hearty meal cooked by mom.
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5. Buy My Dream Car: I recently had a heart to heart conversation with myself about what my dream car is. Reality hit me hard when I realized that what I have always called my dream car is actually a car that is within my budget or matching my life right now but it is nowhere near being my dream car. How I know it is not my dream car is that as my lifestyle changes the car also changes. I am currently between a Mini Cooper Countryman and Range Rover Evogue. But my real dream car is the Mercedes Benz A45 and I know so because it has consistently been at the back of my head no matter what and longest time too; at least for the last 5 at least. This is the car I always picture myself with my shopping bags at the back or me driving to church in. Yes I shopping bags and it was not by mistake that I mentioned them. Those that know me, know that I love shopping. I picture this car coming in a Matte black with red rims and black leather trimmed with red interior and a wooden dashboard. That is the car which bothers my soul. It motivates me to work hard and smart so that I can eventually own it. Can I also add that it would be a custom make because I have not seen one with the spec I have in mind. 

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have enjoyed this post. Please let me know in the comments section below what are some of the things on your bucket list.
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