Checking In: Is Writing Still for Me?

June 27, 2021

Hello wonderful people! It has been a hot minute since I graced this space, I know. A lot has happened and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. One day I may feel comfortable opening up again but today I just want to catch up and feel my way around this blog. To be quite honest, I tried to come back a number of times but with each attempt, I wondered whether being vulnerable on the internet is ever a good decision; considering how people can be insensitive. 

(This image was inspired by my nephews' love for Anime. The pandemic afforded me the opportunity to spend a bit more time with them in the last year+ than I have been ever. Their love for Anime and KDrama is rubbing off me.)

The fact that we have succumbed to this global pandemic we are in, has not made it any easier either. People used to have the freedom to roam around, socialize or travel; and that helped to revive their spirits or remove some of the ignorance that may stem from living a life of solitude. With access to new experiences, I found that it was easy for me to be more compassionate and understanding as life is not cookie cutter for everyone. I am obviously not saying that people being less considerate should be blamed on the pandemic, but it has definitely had a negative impact on most of us. 

So how are you fairing up? How has life been for you? You do not necessarily have to answer me, but you can answer yourself. Are you okay? Personally, I am in a much better space than I have been. My life took a complete 180 degrees turn over the last year and a half+. It had its moments, oh wow (as I sigh). It was mostly sad memories and at this point, I am not ready to relive that part of my life again especially on this platform. 

I am naturally a positive person but I have to acknowledge that as I got older, the time it took for me to recover from a funk, also dipped. But trust and believe that when I do recover, I am a new woman altogether. Had you asked me a couple of months ago whether I would be having a positive outlook on life again, I would have said oh hell no. There were days where I could not see beyond the circumstances I was in. But one thing that has helped me, was writing. Though I did not publish anything, I still wrote and I found it to be an effective therapy since I am not the most sociable person. My friends and family can attest to that 😬.

Does this mean I will be posting consistently? I am not sure. I am slowly finding my way around this platform. I am even thinking of revamping the site and maybe relaunch it, I don't know yet. You can share your thoughts around that. One thing I can say is that I have enjoyed putting this post together. It reminded me of how I used to enjoy writing and just being free with my thoughts. It feels like I am having a conversation with a friend on the other side of the world even though they may not respond. Blogging gave me the opportunity to engage with so many amazing individuals from all walks of life and honestly, I do not think I am ready to let go of that part of my life yet. 

This post may be all over the place as I tried to touch on so many things, please bear with me. I will do better in the next one I promise. One question I do need feedback from you is, are you still enjoying my writing? Have a blessed week loves!

Credit: The images used are not my own, but are pictures taken from Pinterest.

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