Planning and Deciding on How to Celebrate My Birthday

August 09, 2021

Good day, wonderful people. Firstly, Happy Women's Day! Though it is an actual public holiday in South Africa, who said we can only celebrate women on set or specific days? Everyday is special and it ought to be treated as such. I do however hope your day is extra special today and you are being treated like the queen that you are. And to the gentlemen who read my posts every now and again, please celebrate the women who are in your lives. Actually, let us celebrate one another. Let us normalize celebrating the people in our lives whilst they are still alive. Let us show love, be kind and courteous whilst we still have the opportunity to do so. Life is definitely short and we do not know whether tomorrow will come. Let us live more for the moments and opportunities we have than for a tomorrow that is not promised or guaranteed.

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and contrary to a post I shared on my WhatsApp and Facebook last year about being anxious as I was resetting my life in my 30s; this year I feel different. I feel like I am coming into my own, growing into the woman that I believe I am destined to be. I am more at peace, happier and optimistic about life. I do not know whether it is because I already had a well-rounded life that I feel no need to chase anything other than being happy and at peace. I just feel like there is more to life than worrying about worldly things. I am more at peace and basking in the joy of this season of my life. I am getting to know myself, what I like, what irks me, etc and if I must say, it has been a good learning experience thus far. I have learnt more about myself the last 4 years than I cared to admit before.

Now on to today's post, which is planning my birthday trip. And it could not be at a better time. I am turning both 34 and 35 in a few weeks' time and for the life of me I could not come up with a clear idea on how to celebrate it. As the universe would have it, I happened to stumble on a post by Sharon Mundia of "" and it was of a trip she went on with her sister-in-law Fatma and her bestie Patricia Kihoro. I immediately said I needed to go on a Safari trip. One of my bucket list items is to witness the big animal migration from the Masai Mara - Kenya to the Serengeti-Tanzania. Trying to do that now is not really feasible due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. I will definitely make it a reality at some point just not yet. As we wait, I set out on a quest to find a similar experience locally as we do not know when we will be able to roam freely again. I looked at options based on what I have access to and realized I can still have the best of the bush and wildlife in Limpopo and Mpumalanga South Africa. I come from a town where the Kruger National Park - Phalaborwa Gate is only a 20-minute drive from my house. And that is where I will be celebrating my 34/35th birthday.

Some of you are wondering what exactly do I mean by celebrating my "34 and 35th" birthday. Well, the short answer is that biologically I am turning 34 and my official documents are saying 35 due to a mistake made about 17 years ago when I applied for my identity document. I was in matric (last year of high school) and needed my identity document number to be able to write exams. By the time we realized the mistake, it was a bit late to try and rectify it as I already waited until the last moment to apply for my official documents. It was a mistake made 17 years ago, and now I have learned to embrace and forge on with it. I mean, what is the worst about being a year older? For me, it just means I will get to enjoy my retirement a year earlier if anything.

Herewith are the steps I followed to plan out my mini celebration.

Step 1: Deciding on a theme or type of celebration I want to have. 

In this case, I want to be closer to nature, I need a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of city life. So what better place can one be at besides being in the bush?

Step 2: Deciding whether it is a solo, family, girls type trip or a lover's type trip.

Narrowing down on the type of trip and the person/people I will be taking helps you plan the logistics around it, i.e. accommodation, transportation, food, activities, etc.

Step 3: Budget - the money/cost associated with the experience I want to have.

I always have a set budget in mind for what I plan. And it must speak to the overall experience e.g. do I need a special outfit(s) for the day, logistics, overall ambiance I am going for. I must say I am a planner of note when it comes to things like this. I leave no stone unturned for the experience I want at the cost most comfortable to me. I decide on an amount I am comfortable with; then I execute my plan. I try by all means not to spend beyond the planned amount, and if I really have to, it must be kept to a minimum. 

Step 4: Decide on a date or season.

I specifically mentioned season because I like to leave room for last minute changes. I normally have a few dates lined up just in case life happens and I cannot make the ideal date. Though my actual birthday is on the 12th, I have dates ranging from before to after the 12th of September. For me, it is more important to celebrate my birthday in Spring (since I am a Spring baby). So choosing a season over a specific date is more ideal and realistic to me considering the current pandemic situation and the trip I want to have. It also gives me enough time to make sure I am not rushing and overlooking other things.

Step 5: Documenting the experience.

Is the experience really complete without capturing the moment? I may not share it on any Social Media platforms but I am definitely going to document the experience for the days I may need to look back on it. There are so many experiences I wish I had captured or saved on a file somewhere and now it is too late or no longer possible to do so. Had I known that in 2021 life would be like this, I would have made sure to document each and every memory not just for myself, but for those who may need them too. 

In closing, I want to say that it is important to celebrate our lives. To create memories that last a lifetime with the people we love. To live more for the present and try by all means to not miss out on opportunities of greatness. To cherish those we love and care about as well as what we have whilst working on a better tomorrow. May you be reminded to be present in all that you do. Love and love unconditionally and freely. Leave little to no room for regret.

I thank you for stopping by. May peace reign in your life. Have a wonderful day and See You Soon... 

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